Yugolaerica Mix 500 Miles High

This has been around for a while on Soundcloud but has escaped my attention until now. A must for fans of Idi Igraj Vol 1 & Vol 2…or Slobodan’s edits…WC7’s Yugolearica mix is just what the name (and artwork implies): great tunes from the former-Yugoslavia, in the Balearic style.

Seeing that the mix is no longer downloadable from Soundcloud, I asked if we could host it here…there answer was yes, so here it is – and just the thing for the continuing sunny weather.

Part 2 is set to follow soon, but in the meantime check out WC7’s blog of ex-YU ephemera, Yugodrom.

Igor Savin i orkestar Stanka Selaka – Let malog Erosa
Kozmetika – Gaja
Oskarova Fobija – Publika ulazi
Du Du A – Solar
U Škripcu – Ti znaš
Miha Kralj – Vision
Igor Savin i orkestar Stanka Selaka – U mukama rođena
Steven Hannington – Mujo kuje konja po mesecu
Vladimir Furduj Furda – Šakalakazu
Rex Ilusivii – Plava jutra (Marina Perazić)
Avtomobili – Prljavi jezik
Boban Petrović – Zajedno srećni (instrumental)
Aska – Htela bih da si tu
Bel Tempo – Ulični korak
Kornelije Kovač – Get it right boy
Vlatko Stefanovski i Bodan Arsovski – Gemini
Bebi Dol – How good not to love
Next of Kin – She didn’t love him
Laza Ristovski – Figueras
Miladojka Youneed – Show me
Arsen Dedić i Zoran Predin – Naj Ti Poljub Nariše Usnice
Petar Ugrin – Emina

Download: Yugolearica (right click)


Idi, Igraj! Vol 2

Idi Igraj Vol 2

When we found out a few days ago that DJ Funky Junkie has issued a second volume of his incredible Idi Igraj! project, an e-mail was immediately despatched to Belgrade asking if 500MH could host it. He said yes and here it is, another tasty selection of soul, funk, disco and left-field gems from the former Yugoslavia.

The whole thing (18 tracks) can be downloaded as a rar file, but to whet your appetite, we’ve also pulled out a couple of individual tunes to showcase. But first FJ’s own introduction to the proceedings:

“Encouraged by the way the first instalment of “Idi, igraj!” compilation was praised and acclaimed all over the world, one year later I decided to make another one. The previous volume was a huge success, I’ve received many e-mails, from Japan and Australia to Canada, Usa and Brasil, and many people told me that they’d never knew such a great music existed in former Yugoslavia. So, I took some records from my vaults again, ripped them from vinyl and finally, I present you – the second volume.

Of course, it’s bootleg again, I do not have the funds to pay royalties, and I do not get any financial benefit of it. But my goal is to bring some treasured gems back to the light again and to teach people, both here, in ex-Yu countries, and all over the world that we had, and we still have, a respectable music scene.

The majority of the songs on this compilation are ripped from the vinyls, as you can hear. I tried to preserve the original sound as much as possible. And most of the songs have different dynamics and sound quality. The reason for this is that I want you to hear the original sound of the record from the time it was released. Not a single song was neither remastered, nor processed with a noise reductor, exactly the same I did with the “Idi, igraj! vol.1”. It’s funny how some of the records from this compilation are so rare, obscure and elusive that there is no info available on the web neither on the artist nor on the record. Not to mention that some of them are very expensive these days. You will also have an opportunity to hear some unreleased and exclusive tracks.

So, without any further delay, I wish you a nice 80 minute journey through the vibes and soundscapes from ex Yugoslavia.”

Download: Predmestje – Kamasutura (right click)

Download: Nada Pavlovic – Brodvej (right click)

Download the lot as .rar file: Idi, Igraj! Vol 2 (right click)

Ex-YU Disco Edits Special

Ex Yugoslavia Disco Edits

500MH was delighted to receive some hot new edits from Belgrade the other day, courtesy of Slobodan aka DJ Brka.  Slobo is the man behind the classic East of Cosmic mixes and has played alongside the cream of Europe’s disco-centric DJ’s (Todd Terje, Prins Thomas et al) as well as UK national treasures, Gilles Peterson and Bill Brewster.

In his spare time he edits old records from the former Yugoslavia (and beyond).  If that’s your thing – and it really should be – check out the fanstatic Idi, igraj!: Funk, soul, jazz funk & disco from ex-Yugoslavia 1969-1987 to hear more forgotten gems from the ex-YU.

I’ll try to get some more info on these edits, but in the meantime..enjoy!

Download Oliver Mandic – Smejem Se a Plakao Bih (Slobodan’s Quick Edit) (right click)

Download Dino Dvornik – Ja Bih Prezivio (Slobodan’s Balearic Edit) (right click)

Download Melodia – Estrada (Slobodan’s Quick Edit) (right click)

Idi, igraj!: Forgotten disco from ex-Yugoslavia

This (ahem) bootleg compilation – Idi, igraj!: Funk, soul, jazz funk & disco from ex-Yugoslavia 1969-1987 compiled by DJ Funky Junkie – blew me away when I found out about it from Slobodon Jovanavic’s blog, where it can be downloaded in full.

Like most people outside the former Yugoslavia, my knowledge of the local soul/funk/disco scene is limited to say the least. But on this showing, it produced some gems to rival the rest of Europe, or indeed the USA. Here (in English) are some words on the making of the compilation, presumably written by DJ Funky Junkie:

“At the beginning, I would like to emphasize that I am not getting any financial or other benefit out of this project. Inspired by the work of the great Željko Kerleta and DJ Chile who are pioneers of digging some forgotten and hard to find records from ex-Yugoslavia, I’ve decided to make this bootleg compilation. Beside Mr. Željko Kerleta’s Cosmic Sounds label no one from this area or else payed much attention to these gems. I think that funk, soul, jazz funk, fusion & disco funk records from this great period deserve to be presented to a much wider audience both in ex-YU countries and all around the world.”

As a taster, here’s a lovely – and slightly weird – slice of YU disco-funk:
Kim Band

Download Kim Band – Ljubi Me Brzo, žurim (right click)

I mentioned this comp to my other half – Lady Muck – and it turns out she went to Rovinj (on the Istrian peninsula) back in 1987. One evening she went to “a night club shaped like a pyramid” and danced the night away to what she remembers as being euro-popbut presumably was actually cutting-edge Yugo-Cosmic sounds. Or possibly euro-pop.

Anyway, lots of white jeans, ultra-violet lights and fibre-optics – but sadly no photographic evidence…