500MH Loves: The Michell GyroDec

A Michell GyroDec turntable has been sitting in Casa 500MH since...well, sometime in the mid 90's. In that time it's seen some ups-and-downs: it's been stoled, ignored for years in favour of rival turntables but, like Barry Manilow, it's made it through the rain and is now back as the heart of our vinyl-ripping operation.... Continue Reading →


GarageBand: Secret weapon on the Edits scene

Best piece of free software ever. Providing you can afford a Mac, of course. A long while ago, fellow GarageBand-enthusiast Bill Brewster produced a guide to producing edits using GB. I say "guide" - it was a page-and-half of widely spaced type. But good stuff to get you started.  I decided to expand it based... Continue Reading →

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