WRKS Kiss 98.7 Mastermix Dance Party, 25/12/1980

"It's one past ten o'clock here at WRKS FM New York. We're 98.7 Kiss. K-I-S-S: where nobody gives more music. I'm Yvonne Mobley hosting our Kiss Mastermix Dance Party - dance hits of 1980.." Yvonne Mobley: a name to make many a UK music-obsessive go weak at the knees. And for true fans of vintage... Continue Reading →


DJ Harvey – Live at P.S.1. Warm Up

It's surely not an understatement to say that the nation (or at least the bearded sub-strata) is currently gripped with Harvey-fever. The prodigal son is playing long-awaited UK gigs in Manchester and London in the next few days (and 500MH will be front-and-centre for the latter). "Harvey who?" some of you may be saying...to which... Continue Reading →

Tony Humphries Mastermix Dance Party, 1986

One of the many pleasant aspects of running this blog is getting to know some of the artists/DJ's in what is sometimes referred to as "the scene with no name" (a term that is only slightly catchier than nouveaux-disco-afro-balearic-cosmic-slomo-edits-scene). A good example of this would be a blossoming bromance with the mysterious collective known as... Continue Reading →

The Last Party at The Saint

As mentioned in the recent Salute 2 post, 500MH has long-wanted to pay its own tribute to Disco's pioneers¬†by giving a permanent home to some genuinely historic mixes (many of which only circulate in the semi-clandestine world of DJ forums). So when we heard that this particular mix had dropped off the radar, we were... Continue Reading →

Brother D – Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize

Sticking with the cassette-ripping action, I've got a few tapes on the mid-80's New York label ROIR (Reach Out International Records), a casette-only imprint that released original material, such as the harmalodic funk of ¬†Alfonio Tims & His Flying Tigers as well as reissues of out-of-print titles by the likes of Prince Far I &... Continue Reading →

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