Guest Mix: Davros3000 – Machine Funk

"So where's all the modern-day Intergalactic Funk?", I hear you ask. Well, wait no longer, it's here in the form of a new (and exclusive) mix from Manchester's Davros3000. Like many of our 500MH contributors, Dav prefers to let the music do the talking, which it does wonderfully on this journey into the empty void... Continue Reading →


Guest Mix: La Memoria by Dijon

Right...I've been waiting for some decent weather before unleashing this and it looks like today's the day. Kicking off an ongoing series of mixes that contain more than a whiff of Ambre Solaire, this one is by Dijon and it's bloody beautiful. Dijon is a long-term record collector (25 years and counting), occasional/retired DJ and... Continue Reading →

Guest Mix: Slow-Sco by JAZ

We greeted with some sadness the news that 500 Miles High's favourite edits imprint - Beard Science - is currently in a state of disarray. That's the problem with scientists, particularly bearded ones: unreliable when it comes to running record labels :-) I mention this because Beard Science has long been a home to the... Continue Reading →

Fiesta Mora – Alabina

It can be a fine line between the uber-Balearic and the utter tat (just ask my long-suffering partner) and I'm not sure which side of the divide today's track stands on. But as it's Eurovision night, I'll give this one the benefit of the doubt... Download: Fiesta Mora - Alabina (right click)

Labi Siffre – Doctor Doctor

Ah...the joys of a summer cold: a recent attack of "man flu" has halted blogging activities, but boosted local sales of Lockets. My sorry condition made me think of this delightful obscurity from Labi Siffre - though listening to the (slightly misogynistic) lyrics, his doctor wasn't dispensing cold remedies... Download: Labi Siffre - Doctor Doctor (right... Continue Reading →

Marni – Tutu & Lonely Galaxy Mixes

His name is Marni. He's from Vienna. And he makes excellent mixes. Bearded types in Internet forums will tell you that Marni has created some of the definitive examples of THAT sound - an unnameable mélange of Cosmic, Afro and Balearic beats, probably best described as JUST GREAT MUSIC. We got in touch with him last... Continue Reading →

The Last Party at The Saint

As mentioned in the recent Salute 2 post, 500MH has long-wanted to pay its own tribute to Disco's pioneers by giving a permanent home to some genuinely historic mixes (many of which only circulate in the semi-clandestine world of DJ forums). So when we heard that this particular mix had dropped off the radar, we were... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

Season greetings to all who've supported the blog in 2010 (or at least taken a quick look at it). This sounds like it could be a Christmas record, but isn't. But it is great, and it features Ben E King... Download Average White Band - Star in the Ghetto (right click)

Brother D – Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize

Sticking with the cassette-ripping action, I've got a few tapes on the mid-80's New York label ROIR (Reach Out International Records), a casette-only imprint that released original material, such as the harmalodic funk of  Alfonio Tims & His Flying Tigers as well as reissues of out-of-print titles by the likes of Prince Far I &... Continue Reading →

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