Guest Mix: Davros3000 – Machine Funk

"So where's all the modern-day Intergalactic Funk?", I hear you ask. Well, wait no longer, it's here in the form of a new (and exclusive) mix from Manchester's Davros3000. Like many of our 500MH contributors, Dav prefers to let the music do the talking, which it does wonderfully on this journey into the empty void... Continue Reading →


Marni – Tutu & Lonely Galaxy Mixes

His name is Marni. He's from Vienna. And he makes excellent mixes. Bearded types in Internet forums will tell you that Marni has created some of the definitive examples of THAT sound - an unnameable mélange of Cosmic, Afro and Balearic beats, probably best described as JUST GREAT MUSIC. We got in touch with him last... Continue Reading →

The Last Party at The Saint

As mentioned in the recent Salute 2 post, 500MH has long-wanted to pay its own tribute to Disco's pioneers by giving a permanent home to some genuinely historic mixes (many of which only circulate in the semi-clandestine world of DJ forums). So when we heard that this particular mix had dropped off the radar, we were... Continue Reading →

A 500MH Christmas – Vol 1 – 45badger

Reindeers are go!  The 500MH advent calendar opens with an extended mix of old-fashioned party tunes from 45badger - a set so varied in scope, it can't be contained in a single mp3 file. Recorded shortly before he went into winter hibernation, we've been saving this up for the Festive period.  Guaranteed to get your... Continue Reading →

DMC 1986: When the mixing had to stop…

By the mid-80's, mixing had made its way from the clubs of New York to the more enlightened night spots in the UK. Thanks to the efforts of mixing pioneers such as Greg James, the concept of a continuous musical flow - based on beatmatching skills and vari-speed turntables - was slowly replacing the traditional... Continue Reading →

Guest Mix: 45badger – Afri Cola

500 Miles High is delighted to host an exclusive guest mix from DJ, edit maestro and impoverished new father, 45 Badger (Beard Science). But the Badger is still digging and has swapped high-stakes eBay bidding wars for car-boot sales, unearthing some amazing bargains along the way, a few of which are shared here (no track-listing... Continue Reading →


Eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that this blog's musical content is hosted on the webspace. Mystery Mix is a site that I knocked up couple of years ago to preserve the older mixes in the near-legendary DJ History Mystery Mix series. Not altogether an altrusitic exercise - check out No. 46 *shame-faced smiley* Last... Continue Reading →

Christmas In July: Secret Santa 2009

In a shoddy bid to get some content on here quickly - here's a mix done last December as part of the DJ History's annual Secret Santa thingy. Due to technology failure, it's was an all vinyl affair - but none the worse for that. Arguably. 01. The Carpenters - Road Ode 02. The Crystal... Continue Reading →

LM/Brasil Vol 1 – The Philips MPBC Series

As a spurious, and wholly unofficial, World Cup tie-in, I've just done a mix of Brazilian music. It consists of tracks solely from the excellent Philips MPBC series (Música Popular Brasileira Contemporânea), which consisted of just 11 LP's released in Brazil between 1978 and 1981.  The series covers a lot of musical ground, but there's... Continue Reading →

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