DJ Rubens – Baia Degli Angeli, 1978

Italy's Adriatic coast, 1978: where the jeans where white, the sunglasses mirrored and the scooters two-stroke. Baia Degli Angeli: mythical, white-walled, pleasure-dome for the rich and beautiful; its DJ booth housed in a glass elevator so that the selectors could service all four floors at once, dance-floors that were among the first in Europe to hear New York-style, beat-matched... Continue Reading →


Beniamino Gigli – Torna a Surriento

To mark today's start of the Giro d'Italia here's something that I always imagine being played on a wind-up gramophone in a crumbling Venetian palazzo, perhaps while an ageing Conte lies dying in his bed... Download: Beniamino Gigli - Torna a Surriento (right click)

Mixage, 1983

With less than a week to go until the Big Day, I must admit that the festive spirit hasn't yet infected 500MH to the same extent that it did last December. So to get proceedings started here's the result of some Internet "research" I recently conducted. When I learned that contemporary Italo-influenced producer, Brioski, took his... Continue Reading →

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