The Last Party at The Saint

As mentioned in the recent Salute 2 post, 500MH has long-wanted to pay its own tribute to Disco's pioneers by giving a permanent home to some genuinely historic mixes (many of which only circulate in the semi-clandestine world of DJ forums). So when we heard that this particular mix had dropped off the radar, we were... Continue Reading →


£27.99! For a MIX CD?!

The second instalment in our occasional series "Did I Really Just Pay That Much...?". Hot on the heels of the expensive 12" single, is this 3-disc mix CD - Salute 2: Reach Out and Touch Your Dream. OK, it comes with a free T-shirt (or perhaps the CDs come free with the Tshirt) so immediately... Continue Reading →

DMC 1986: When the mixing had to stop…

By the mid-80's, mixing had made its way from the clubs of New York to the more enlightened night spots in the UK. Thanks to the efforts of mixing pioneers such as Greg James, the concept of a continuous musical flow - based on beatmatching skills and vari-speed turntables - was slowly replacing the traditional... Continue Reading →

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