Ex-YU Disco Edits Special

Ex Yugoslavia Disco Edits

500MH was delighted to receive some hot new edits from Belgrade the other day, courtesy of Slobodan aka DJ Brka.  Slobo is the man behind the classic East of Cosmic mixes and has played alongside the cream of Europe’s disco-centric DJ’s (Todd Terje, Prins Thomas et al) as well as UK national treasures, Gilles Peterson and Bill Brewster.

In his spare time he edits old records from the former Yugoslavia (and beyond).  If that’s your thing – and it really should be – check out the fanstatic Idi, igraj!: Funk, soul, jazz funk & disco from ex-Yugoslavia 1969-1987 to hear more forgotten gems from the ex-YU.

I’ll try to get some more info on these edits, but in the meantime..enjoy!

Download Oliver Mandic – Smejem Se a Plakao Bih (Slobodan’s Quick Edit) (right click)

Download Dino Dvornik – Ja Bih Prezivio (Slobodan’s Balearic Edit) (right click)

Download Melodia – Estrada (Slobodan’s Quick Edit) (right click)


Rhythm Doctor: Exclusive edit and interview

Candido Rhythm Doctor Edit

Very excited yesterday when Rhythm Doctor got in touch to offer the blog this exclusive, and historic, edit that he put together back in 1994. As you can see from the pic above, it was pressed up as an acetate after being hand-crafted on the home technology of the day (see below for more details).

Side 1 is a version of Candido’s classic Thousand Fingered Man (with new bass lines, kick drum & other assorted loops).  On side 2 – well, I’ll cover than in a future post but suffice to say it’s similarly ace.

I caught up with up the with good Doctor to find out more about this recording:

500 Miles High: Were many people doing re-edits back in 1994 ?

Rhythm Doctor: actually thinking about it no (well in the london house music scene)…for me it was a natural progression from the mashups i did with truelove -‘mister phuture’ & ‘give ’em the boot’. in the early 90’s lots of uk house dj’s used to cut dubplates of pre-released stuff (mostly from new york) myself included. so i thought i might as well be creative with some favourite tracks & mess with them & get them cut on acetate for dj play. back in 94 cd players in clubs were either non existent or just terrible. add to that the fact the burning a cd was almost as expensive as an acetate. later i got things released notably ‘isotonic chakra’ on discfunction.

What were the challenges of using “vintage” technology?

i made my dj edits & remixes at home on atari with cubase, casio fz1 sampler & various classic drum machines & modules. better stuff was avalable but this would have cost me studio & engineers time so i worked within a budget & with equipment i knew. these edits/reworks have added musical elements which are basic as i’m not a trained musician.

What venues/nights were you playing back then?

‘feel real’ at the gardening club in london was my weekly residency with, rob acteson, femi b, evil o & mc – emix. that lasted 2 or 3 years & virtually every major house dj played there as our guest. the south coast scene was really buzzing then & i had a residency at sterns in worthing, tonic in bognor regis & loads of work in portsmouth, bournemouth & the isle of wight. i played mos main room several times also.

What other tracks would this edit sit along side in a typical RD set from 94?

bloody hell you’re really testing my memory….well ‘feel real’ was heavy on the strictly rhythm, nervous, bottom line & 8 ball stuff. so from the harder edged dj pierre & dj duke stuff to vocals & maw productions.

Are you still knocking out the edits today?

yes as well original tracks but apart from personal play i don’t really feel the incentive to sell them on. in a month or so i will get more active on soundcloud. i’ve got lots of stuff to put up there.

Where can our readers see you DJ?

they would have to travel to estonia at the moment where i play 3 or 4 times a month. mutant disco is my regular night there which has been going now for almost 14 years every month. we bring a very varied slection of guest dj’s, last month it was todd terje, but previously we’ve had kode 9, actress, the bug & zomby for instance & going further back, moodyman, joe clausel, dj pierre & even bill brewster :-)

Rhythm Doctor in action

Download Candido – Thousand Fingered Man (Rhythm Doctor Edit) (right click)

GarageBand: Secret weapon on the Edits scene

Garageband icon

Best piece of free software ever. Providing you can afford a Mac, of course.

A long while ago, fellow GarageBand-enthusiast Bill Brewster produced a guide to producing edits using GB. I say “guide” – it was a page-and-half of widely spaced type. But good stuff to get you started.  I decided to expand it based on my own experience and to take into account recent updates to the software. It’s still hardly comprehensive, but a few people have asked for it over the last year – so here it is…

Download Guide to GarageBand Edits (Word document)

If any one can enhance it further – let me know…

A little summat’ for Yorkshire Day

Dickie Bird Yorkshire Day

Ee, ‘ow time flies – it’s Yorkshire Day again!  To mark this joyous annual celebration of all things Yorkshire, here’s a cheeky little number from the Leeds-based Lunar Jam boys (must ask them if they mind me posting this).  It’s from last year’s excellent Lunar Jam Edits Vol. 2, which at time of writing is still available from Juno:

Buy Lunar Jam Edits Vol 2 from Juno

Any road up – ere’s t’track:

Download Baht’at (right click)

As Frenéticas – Se Você Pensa (Lord Muck Edit)

As Frenéticas - Se Você Pensa (Lord Muck Edit)

Feeling that there just aren’t enough edits out there, I’ve started doing a few of my own.  If there’s a good reason.  When I can find the time. Etc.

With this one, I just wanted an extended version of the original – a tantalisingly disco-fied cover of a popular Roberto Carlos tune, but a bit short at just 3:21.

From what I can gather, As Frenéticas appear to have been a short-lived Brazilian version of (legendary UK pop-dance-troupe) Hot Gossip…