DJ Harvey – Live at P.S.1. Warm Up

DJ Harvey Live at P.S.1 Warm Up

It’s surely not an understatement to say that the nation (or at least the bearded sub-strata) is currently gripped with Harvey-fever. The prodigal son is playing long-awaited UK gigs in Manchester and London in the next few days (and 500MH will be front-and-centre for the latter).

“Harvey who?” some of you may be saying…to which we simply respond, this one.

So, not-very-hot-on-the-heels of our re-presentation of the Moonshadow Mixes, here is Harv’s barnstorming set at the 2005 edition of MOMA PS1’s long running Warm Up event, by way of an appetiser.

Note: in the grand 500MH tradition, we’ve tidied-up these files with full track-listings in the lyrics tab, just for the spotters…

Download: DJ Harvey – Live at P.S.1. Warm Up Part 1 (right-click)

Download: DJ Harvey – Live at P.S.1. Warm Up Part 2 (right-click)


DJ Harvey – Moonshadow Mixes

Poolside 500 Miles High

I tend to shy away from anything that has a cult following: consequently I’ve never seen the film Trainspotting, never watched an episode of The Wire and never leafed through the pages of a Kurt Vonnegut novel. But I’m prepared to make an exception in the case of DJ Harvey.

The mere mention of Harv’s name immediately divides the opinions of bearded men on Internet forums but there can be few fans of underground dance music unfamiliar with his 25 year contribution to the “scene” (beginners please start here).

Whatever your views of the man, 500MH always prefers to let the music do the talking and what better way to round off the Indian (Native American?) Summer than the legendary Moonshadow mixes – Harvey at his most horizontal.

Now…parts 1 & 2 are easy enough to find elsewhere on t’web, but I’ve only been able to obtain part 3 & 4 as zip files containing separate tracks. So, as requested by a couple of people, I’ve carefully stitched these back together and am happy to present all four for your listening convenience…

Download – DJ Harvey – Moonshadow – Part 1 (right click)

Download – DJ Harvey – Moonshadow – Part 2 (right click)

Download – DJ Harvey – Moonshadow – Part 3 (right click)

Download – DJ Harvey – Moonshadow – Part 4 (right click)

Photo credit: The Madonna Inn, San Louis Obispo, California (Lord Muck, August 2011)