Rhythm Doctor: Exclusive edit and interview

Very excited yesterday when Rhythm Doctor got in touch to offer the blog this exclusive, and historic, edit that he put together back in 1994. As you can see from the pic above, it was pressed up as an acetate after being hand-crafted on the home technology of the day (see below for more details).... Continue Reading →


Idi, igraj!: Forgotten disco from ex-Yugoslavia

This (ahem) bootleg compilation - Idi, igraj!: Funk, soul, jazz funk & disco from ex-Yugoslavia 1969-1987 compiled by DJ Funky Junkie - blew me away when I found out about it from Slobodon Jovanavic's blog, where it can be downloaded in full. Like most people outside the former Yugoslavia, my knowledge of the local soul/funk/disco... Continue Reading →

Ahoy Shipmates!

Welcome to 500 Miles High: tracks, mixes, edits (and the like) from all points on the disco compass. To kick things off here is a great disco-tinged track from the early 80's LP, "Red Cloud in Dub" by Red Cloud¬†(sometimes credited as The Red Cloud Band). ¬†Sadly this selection is vaguely topical as the engineer,... Continue Reading →

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