£27.99! For a MIX CD?!

Mark Seven Salute 2

The second instalment in our occasional series “Did I Really Just Pay That Much…?”.

Hot on the heels of the expensive 12″ single, is this 3-disc mix CD – Salute 2: Reach Out and Touch Your Dream. OK, it comes with a free T-shirt (or perhaps the CDs come free with the Tshirt) so immediately it doesn’t seem quite so bad to a tight-fisted Yorkshireman like myself. But the main reason that this was a “Must Buy” is that it’s vinyl-fanatic and peerless DJ, Mark Seven’s follow up to his sensational Salute To The Men of Vauxhall mix. I missed out on that one (now available for £100 on Discogs), so didn’t want to make the same mistake twice.

The story behind Salute 2 is thus: earlier this year Mark was booked to play at Horse Meat Disco’s regular night in Lisbon, but the volcanic ash cloud stopped him in his (ahem) tracks. So he want home and knocked out this fabulous 3-hour homage to the some of the pioneering, but occasionally overlooked, figures in disco history. DJ’s like Roy Thode, Jim Burgess, Robbie Leslie, Bobby Viteritti, Warren Gluck, Michael Fierman, Frank Houlihan, Chuck Parsons, Howard Merritt, Alan Dodd and more.

Have to admit that one or two of these names were unfamilar even to the disco-obsessives at 500 Miles High (i.e. me). Watch out for vintage mixes by some of these guys in future posts.

Surprisingly, the CDs/T-shirt still seem to be in stock at LN-CC, the trendy clothes shop that put this package together.

To all involved in the above, 500MH salutes you!  Now to try on the T-shirt…


Dad House Deejay

Devil's Dandruff

I saw this on the excellent Empty Sleeve – “a blog about record shops”- and was struck by its eerily-accurate description of my own life over recent years (I’m wearing a Fred Perry tracksuit top as I simultaneously type this post and rip a Theo Parrish remix from vinyl)…

Words by Neil Boorman and Daniel Pemberton. Illustration by Elliot Thoburn. Part of a series which appeared in The Guardian Guide in 2004.