Yesterday I played a few tunes at an Unplanned Afternoons special to mark the passing of UP regular, John Olive, who sadly and unexpectedly died earlier this month. Gilbert O'Sullivan's Too Much Attention was one of John's signature tunes, which he memorably deployed at one of our early meetings last summer. I was just finishing my... Continue Reading →


Lord Muck: Live at Unplanned Afternoons

When I started this blog, Lord Muck gigs were about as common as hen's teeth, or possibly rocking-horse manure. Today however there is more than enough live Muck to go around...as evidenced by this recent recording at the Lyttelton Arms pub, NW1. It was the day the weather changed from spring-heatwave to brass-monkeys...but, undeterred, I ploughed... Continue Reading →

Unplanned Afternoons: The Setlist…

Most of the factors that stop me updating 500MH regularly are pretty tedious. One of the more pleasant ones however is my regular participation in the splendid Unplanned Afternoons "night". The guvnor, Ian/Prolix, is insistent on rigorous transcription of setlists and he was kind enough to let me know what I played last month. Note... Continue Reading →

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