Snow in Brazil

Lord Muck Snow in Brazil

So we’re rolling again, thanks to that purest of motives: self-promotion.

On the other hand, Lord Muck’s recent mix of Brazilian obscurities could be seen as something of a public service (warms you up, innit?)

Whatever your view, it’s over on Mixcloud or, for the right-click enthusiasts, here.

Get it while the snow lasts.



Belchior – Paraíso

Belchior Paraiso

One working definition of Balearic might be those songs where you are never quite sure whether they’re works of genius or complete tat. This track certainly falls somewhere on that spectrum…it’s exact location being largely dependent on the weather.

So…given the recent Tropical heatwave we’ve been enjoying, this piece of 1980’s Brazilian cod-reggae currently scores quite high on the old Balear-o-meter (patent pending).

Enjoy while weather lasts…

Download Belchior – Paraíso (right click)

As Frenéticas – Se Você Pensa (Lord Muck Edit)

As Frenéticas - Se Você Pensa (Lord Muck Edit)

Feeling that there just aren’t enough edits out there, I’ve started doing a few of my own.  If there’s a good reason.  When I can find the time. Etc.

With this one, I just wanted an extended version of the original – a tantalisingly disco-fied cover of a popular Roberto Carlos tune, but a bit short at just 3:21.

From what I can gather, As Frenéticas appear to have been a short-lived Brazilian version of (legendary UK pop-dance-troupe) Hot Gossip…

Pat Metheny Group Live

Pat Metheny

Back at the Barbican again last night to see Pat Metheny trawling through the Pat Metheny Group Songbook (in other words, a “greatest hits” tour).  Genius of balearic melodo-jazz or self-indulgent guitar wank-fest? The jury is still out. Compared to the last time we saw him (Hammersmith Odeon, early 90’s), the absence of vocalists and percussion robs the tracks of a certain something (the PMG performed as a quartet this time). So…far from a waste of time (and £65), but it fell slightly short of expectations.

One genuinely interesting moment came when PM did a solo spot playing what I later found out to be a 42 string guitar. As illustrated in this clip:

Finally, a bit of vintage Metheny for you that I used on my recent Philips MPBC Series Mix – PM playing on a lovely Celia Vaz track from 1981…

Download Celia Vaz – Mutacao (right click)

LM/Brasil Vol 1 – The Philips MPBC Series

Lord Muck Philips MPBC Series

As a spurious, and wholly unofficial, World Cup tie-in, I’ve just done a mix of Brazilian music. It consists of tracks solely from the excellent Philips MPBC series (Música Popular Brasileira Contemporânea), which consisted of just 11 LP’s released in Brazil between 1978 and 1981.  The series covers a lot of musical ground, but there’s a lovely jazz-fusion vibe to much of it, which is what I’ve focused on for the mix – using something from each of the albums.

01.  Robertinho Silva – Falange Dos Tambores  [Philips MPBC 6328 229 Série Azul]
02.  Celia Vaz – Mar à Tona no Leblon  [Philips MPBC 6328.300 Série Azul]
03.  Nivaldo Ornelas – Ninfas  [Philips MPBC 6349.375]
04.  Octávio Burnier – Dança Infernal  [Philips MPBC 6349.402]
05.  Djalma Côrrea – Baiafro  [Philips MPBC 6349.377]
06.  Marcos Resende & Index – Terra de Vera Cruz  [Philips MPBC 6349.374]
07.  Túlio Mourão – Pedra e Paixão (Para Aleijadinho)  [Philips MPBC 6349.447]
08.  Celia Vaz – Mutação (feat. Pat Metheny)  [Philips MPBC 6328.300 Série Azul]
09.  Luiz Claudio Ramos – Patati Patatá  [Philips MPBC 6349.446]
10.  Djalma Côrrea – Os Quatro Elementos Part A – Aqua/Oxum  [Philips MPBC 6349.377]
11.  Nelson Ayres – Dois Tempos  [Philips MPBC 6349.376]
12.  Octávio Burnier – Dança da Lua  [Philips MPBC 6349.402]
Outro:  Aécio Flávio & Quartesanato – O Menino Azul  [Philips MPBC 6349.448]