WRKS Kiss 98.7 Mastermix Dance Party, 25/12/1980

"It's one past ten o'clock here at WRKS FM New York. We're 98.7 Kiss. K-I-S-S: where nobody gives more music. I'm Yvonne Mobley hosting our Kiss Mastermix Dance Party - dance hits of 1980.." Yvonne Mobley: a name to make many a UK music-obsessive go weak at the knees. And for true fans of vintage... Continue Reading →


Dana Andrews – Monastery, Seattle, 1983 Red Party

There's nothing we like more at 500MH than wandering off the well-trodden path and discovering something interesting in the disco undergrowth. So whilst it's great to hear tapes of classic New York radio shows and clubs, what (you may ask) was happening in early-80's gay Seattle? That question can now be answered in the form... Continue Reading →

Tony Humphries Mastermix Dance Party, 1986

One of the many pleasant aspects of running this blog is getting to know some of the artists/DJ's in what is sometimes referred to as "the scene with no name" (a term that is only slightly catchier than nouveaux-disco-afro-balearic-cosmic-slomo-edits-scene). A good example of this would be a blossoming bromance with the mysterious collective known as... Continue Reading →

Mixage, 1983

With less than a week to go until the Big Day, I must admit that the festive spirit hasn't yet infected 500MH to the same extent that it did last December. So to get proceedings started here's the result of some Internet "research" I recently conducted. When I learned that contemporary Italo-influenced producer, Brioski, took his... Continue Reading →

The Last Party at The Saint

As mentioned in the recent Salute 2 post, 500MH has long-wanted to pay its own tribute to Disco's pioneers by giving a permanent home to some genuinely historic mixes (many of which only circulate in the semi-clandestine world of DJ forums). So when we heard that this particular mix had dropped off the radar, we were... Continue Reading →

500MH Loves: The Michell GyroDec

A Michell GyroDec turntable has been sitting in Casa 500MH since...well, sometime in the mid 90's. In that time it's seen some ups-and-downs: it's been stoled, ignored for years in favour of rival turntables but, like Barry Manilow, it's made it through the rain and is now back as the heart of our vinyl-ripping operation.... Continue Reading →

Brother D – Dib-Be-Dib-Be-Dize

Sticking with the cassette-ripping action, I've got a few tapes on the mid-80's New York label ROIR (Reach Out International Records), a casette-only imprint that released original material, such as the harmalodic funk of  Alfonio Tims & His Flying Tigers as well as reissues of out-of-print titles by the likes of Prince Far I &... Continue Reading →

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