Merry Christmas!

500MH is taking just enough time-out from the eating / drinking / arguing / sleeping to wish you a fabulous christmas and a wonderful new year...and share the festive musical stylings of Product 97:  


Trouble Funk Live at Town & Country Club 1986

Apologies for the lack of regularity in recent postings...the good news is that ongoing refurbishments at 500MH Towers will soon create a studio/den that will make ripping and blogging activities a pure delight. In the meantime, here's a hasty post featuring a documentary I haven't seen yet, a book I haven't read yet and a... Continue Reading →

Ay Up! It’s Yorkshire Day…

Yorskshire Day always seems to find me packing for a holiday (not involving Yorkshire). 500MH will return soon, but in the meantime here's a clip of classic Indoor League from the golden age of pub-based sport. Ah'll see thee...  

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