Beniamino Gigli – Torna a Surriento

To mark today's start of the Giro d'Italia here's something that I always imagine being played on a wind-up gramophone in a crumbling Venetian palazzo, perhaps while an ageing Conte lies dying in his bed... Download: Beniamino Gigli - Torna a Surriento (right click)


Hiroshima – Lion Dance (@ 33)

Our recent Sun Ra post referenced the long and (mostly) honourable tradition of DJ's playing records at the wrong speed...intentionally, that is. The most committed of wrong-speed merchants must surely be Danielle Baldelli who, in his pomp at the Cosmic Club, seldom played a record at the correct speed. Or so people say. Actually, the truth of this... Continue Reading →

The Cannibals – She Knows

A quiet weekend at 500MH Towers after Friday night...but we can't leave you without your fill of early-80's South African synth-driven contemplative disco-boogie. From the 1981 LP, Put Your Dancing Shoes On, this is a tasty down-tempo groover that echoes the production sensibilities of New York, but with a distinctively SA twist. Or something... Download: The Cannibals - She Knows (right-click)


Yesterday I played a few tunes at an Unplanned Afternoons special to mark the passing of UP regular, John Olive, who sadly and unexpectedly died earlier this month. Gilbert O'Sullivan's Too Much Attention was one of John's signature tunes, which he memorably deployed at one of our early meetings last summer. I was just finishing my... Continue Reading →

Belchior – Paraíso

One working definition of Balearic might be those songs where you are never quite sure whether they're works of genius or complete tat. This track certainly falls somewhere on that's exact location being largely dependent on the weather. So...given the recent Tropical heatwave we've been enjoying, this piece of 1980's Brazilian cod-reggae currently scores... Continue Reading →

Vintage Rockers – Rockers Vol. 1

Just been tipped-off to this little gem of an EP, which came as something of a breath of fresh air after all the disco-housey-balearicy vibes I've been immersed in of late. As suggested by the the band name, the EP title and the artwork, this release takes us firmly into rocking territory...of a vintage nature,... Continue Reading →

Trouble Funk Live at Town & Country Club 1986

Apologies for the lack of regularity in recent postings...the good news is that ongoing refurbishments at 500MH Towers will soon create a studio/den that will make ripping and blogging activities a pure delight. In the meantime, here's a hasty post featuring a documentary I haven't seen yet, a book I haven't read yet and a... Continue Reading →

St John Coltrane African Orthodox Church

The undoubted musical highlight of our recent trip to California was an invitation to join the weekly service of the Church of St John Coltrane  in San Francisco. As a former jazz-head, I'd long been aware of this unusual offshoot of the African Orthodox Church, but nothing prepared me for the sheer intensity of the proceedings there.... Continue Reading →

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