Michael Cook – Sun Haze Blues

When we heard that this mix is now scandalously "out of print", having disappeared from the wonderful Claremont 56 website, the 500MH office immediately contacted Mr Cook's office to rectify matters. Anyone who has attended a Low Life party, or indeed simply been to a London pub or club, will know Michael Cook as a fearless DJ,... Continue Reading →


DJ Rubens – Baia Degli Angeli, 1978

Italy's Adriatic coast, 1978: where the jeans where white, the sunglasses mirrored and the scooters two-stroke. Baia Degli Angeli: mythical, white-walled, pleasure-dome for the rich and beautiful; its DJ booth housed in a glass elevator so that the selectors could service all four floors at once, dance-floors that were among the first in Europe to hear New York-style, beat-matched... Continue Reading →

Snow in Brazil

So we're rolling again, thanks to that purest of motives: self-promotion. On the other hand, Lord Muck's recent mix of Brazilian obscurities could be seen as something of a public service (warms you up, innit?) Whatever your view, it's over on Mixcloud or, for the right-click enthusiasts, here. Get it while the snow lasts. Obrigado.

DJ Harvey – Live at P.S.1. Warm Up

It's surely not an understatement to say that the nation (or at least the bearded sub-strata) is currently gripped with Harvey-fever. The prodigal son is playing long-awaited UK gigs in Manchester and London in the next few days (and 500MH will be front-and-centre for the latter). "Harvey who?" some of you may be saying...to which... Continue Reading →

Chris Murray – Retrospective Mixtape 5

This week we take a long-form approach to Italo-Friday, with an exclusive, hot-off-the-decks, 45 minute mix from Chris Murray. The fifth instalment of his ongoing Retrospective Mixtape project, this isn’t pure Italo and is more House than Disco, but the energy levels are sky high and frankly, who cares…? For those who don’t know Mr... Continue Reading →

DJ History Balearic Top 25

"As Balearic as a German pensioner's thong...". How many times have you heard that phrase at fancy dinner parties and had to nod embarrassedly, not really knowing what was meant. Nod no longer. As part of our public education remit, 500 Miles High is here to help by re-presenting a rather wonderful show that went... Continue Reading →

Rodigan: The Soundclash That Never Was…

Rodigan! What more can be said about this unlikely legend of the reggae scene? For the length, breadth and sheer oddness of his 30 year career, 500MH proudly salutes him. From appearances in early episodes of Dr Who to sound-clashes with the leading Jamaican DJ's, David Rodigan has dominated reggae broadcasting since before most people... Continue Reading →

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