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Devil's Dandruff

I saw this on the excellent Empty Sleeve – “a blog about record shops”- and was struck by its eerily-accurate description of my own life over recent years (I’m wearing a Fred Perry tracksuit top as I simultaneously type this post and rip a Theo Parrish remix from vinyl)…

Words by Neil Boorman and Daniel Pemberton. Illustration by Elliot Thoburn. Part of a series which appeared in The Guardian Guide in 2004.


£16.99? For a SINGLE?!

Crue-L Grand Orchestra

That was the reaction today in certain Internet circles to the (Japan-only) release of  Theo Parrish’s rework of Crue-L Grand Orchestra’s (You Are) More Than Paradise. I must admit that I was thinking along the same lines until I heard the full 17 minute extravaganza via Chris Tubbs’ Head Down Blog and Soundcloud posting, thus alerting me to the full magnificence of this track.

Recently I’ve spent time listening (like REALLY listening) to a couple of “long-form” classics – E2E4 and Music for 18 Musicians, both clocking in around the hour mark – so TP’s offering feels, if anything, a bit on the short side. But what I’ve heard I’ve liked and have therefore taken the plunge and (ouch) ordered it from Juno.

Just don’t tell the missus…

p.s. above pic was swiped/edited from the official Crue-L website.

GarageBand: Secret weapon on the Edits scene

Garageband icon

Best piece of free software ever. Providing you can afford a Mac, of course.

A long while ago, fellow GarageBand-enthusiast Bill Brewster produced a guide to producing edits using GB. I say “guide” – it was a page-and-half of widely spaced type. But good stuff to get you started.  I decided to expand it based on my own experience and to take into account recent updates to the software. It’s still hardly comprehensive, but a few people have asked for it over the last year – so here it is…

Download Guide to GarageBand Edits (Word document)

If any one can enhance it further – let me know…