Dad House Deejay

I saw this on the excellent Empty Sleeve - "a blog about record shops"- and was struck by its eerily-accurate description of my own life over recent years (I'm wearing a Fred Perry tracksuit top as I simultaneously type this post and rip a Theo Parrish remix from vinyl)... Words by Neil Boorman and Daniel Pemberton.... Continue Reading →


£16.99? For a SINGLE?!

That was the reaction today in certain Internet circles to the (Japan-only) release of  Theo Parrish's rework of Crue-L Grand Orchestra's (You Are) More Than Paradise. I must admit that I was thinking along the same lines until I heard the full 17 minute extravaganza via Chris Tubbs' Head Down Blog and Soundcloud posting, thus alerting... Continue Reading →

GarageBand: Secret weapon on the Edits scene

Best piece of free software ever. Providing you can afford a Mac, of course. A long while ago, fellow GarageBand-enthusiast Bill Brewster produced a guide to producing edits using GB. I say "guide" - it was a page-and-half of widely spaced type. But good stuff to get you started.  I decided to expand it based... Continue Reading →

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