The Dogstar, SW9…Tonight!

Tonight, as they say, all roads lead to Brixton's Dogstar for a night of - among other things - Electric Disco madness. As can be seen from the flyer, there are a lot of competing attractions, but the main thing you need to know is that Mark, Chris and myself (Lord Muck) will be playing... Continue Reading →


Dogstar Valentine’s Ball, 11th February

People occasionally ask me: "Lord Muck, these entertaining blogposts and home-made mixes are all very well, but can you still rock a party?" It's a fair question, and one that will be answered definitively at Brixton's Dogstar on 11th February when I'll be joining forces with Mark Limb and Chris Murray to bring some afro-cosmo-balearo-whateverwelike-o vibes... Continue Reading →

Unplanned Afternoons: The Spotify Playlist the insistence of my family I've just forked-out for a Spotify premium account. As a training exercise, I've had a go at converting my recent Unplanned Afternoons setlist into a Spotify playlist. I'm strangely pleased to report that several of the tracks aren't available on Spotify *unappealing smug grin* but here's what's left... Lord... Continue Reading →

Unplanned Afternoons: The Setlist…

Most of the factors that stop me updating 500MH regularly are pretty tedious. One of the more pleasant ones however is my regular participation in the splendid Unplanned Afternoons "night". The guvnor, Ian/Prolix, is insistent on rigorous transcription of setlists and he was kind enough to let me know what I played last month. Note... Continue Reading →

Pat Metheny Group Live

Back at the Barbican again last night to see Pat Metheny trawling through the Pat Metheny Group Songbook (in other words, a "greatest hits" tour).  Genius of balearic melodo-jazz or self-indulgent guitar wank-fest? The jury is still out. Compared to the last time we saw him (Hammersmith Odeon, early 90's), the absence of vocalists and... Continue Reading →

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