Trouble Funk Live at Town & Country Club 1986

Washington DC

Apologies for the lack of regularity in recent postings…the good news is that ongoing refurbishments at 500MH Towers will soon create a studio/den that will make ripping and blogging activities a pure delight. In the meantime, here’s a hasty post featuring a documentary I haven’t seen yet, a book I haven’t read yet and a track I absolutely love (but don’t have time to tell you why).

Oh, it’s all about Washington Go Go:

Download Trouble Funk – Live at Town & Country Club, 1986 (right click)

Sergio Mendes – Tiro Cruzado

Sergio Mendes Brasil 88 Tiro Cruzado

Sergio Mendes: some brilliant tracks, nestling in a Sugarloaf Mountain of filler. As far as I can tell, he only did three albums under the Brasil 88 banner, with today’s offering being from the eponymous 1978 LP (pictured above). The album only has two “proper” Brazilian tracks (in the view of this non Portuguese-speaking Yorkshireman at least), the rest being the usual easy-listening fare. Not that I have anything against easy listening per se, as I’ll make clear in future posts.

Download Sergio Mendes & Brasil 88 – Tiro Cruzado (right click)

I guess the best known Brasil 88 track is I’ll Tell You, featuring as it does on playlists of the legendary Warehouse club (the one in Chicago, not Leeds). Which allows me to plug the latest book release from DJ History – The Record Players. Not only does it boast “in-depth interviews with almost 50 of history’s most significant DJs, largely previously unpublished”, it contains an array of club charts, including The Warehouse (page 241, fact fans). Click on image below to buy via DJ History…

The Record Players