500 Miles High: End of Phase I


Four years on from the last meaningful update it can be safely said that 500MH Phase I (2010 – 2013) has ended. As such I’ve now taken down the 100 or so tracks that were previously posted up here for “sharing” purposes. Welcome news for the copyright holders, though it did mean that a few nice bits of original artwork/photography went with them. But even that’s not a problem because…

…the spirit of 500MH lives on in the form of our newly-revived Instagram account, where you’ll find record sleeves, DJ culture, nightlife ephemera, audio nerd-ery, and all the other things that make the Internet such a vital resource.

Longer-term 500 Miles High may well branch out in other directions, but as there have been false-dawns before we’ll take it one step at a time.

Finally a big thanks to all the contributors, supporters and casual browsers over the last 7 years. Some of the classic/historic mixes (all of which are all still very much available here on the site) have proved really popular and will no doubt get an occasional shout-out on Instagram, along with anything else that tickles our musical palette…

John LordMuck


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