Rodigan: The Soundclash That Never Was…

David Rodigan

Rodigan! What more can be said about this unlikely legend of the reggae scene? For the length, breadth and sheer oddness of his 30 year career, 500MH proudly salutes him.

From appearances in early episodes of Dr Who to sound-clashes with the leading Jamaican DJ’s, David Rodigan has dominated reggae broadcasting since before most people can remember (me included, for once). The fact that he is a sixty-something, white guy from Oxfordshire hardly seems worth mentioning any more.

Today’s musical offering is courtesy of an unlabelled CD-R that I acquired a few years ago and have, to my shame, only just got round to listening to. Judging by the references to Welcome to Jamrock, this recording dates from 2005, and is from Rodigan’s Hot 102 FM show in Jamaica.

The format appears to have been that R would start off playing “tunes that made Reggae great” – which he does – then be joined by his sparring-partner, Barry G, for a proper sound-clash (i.e. the DJ’s playing alternate records, attempting to outdo each other with increasingly exclusive dub-plates). The only problem is that Barry G doesn’t  turn up, but Rodigan unleashes the dub-plates plates anyway.

For anyone unfamiliar with his style, this recording is not only an education in reggae music but an interesting primer on the sometimes astonishing fluctuations in Rodigan’s accent (Kingston, Surrey meets Kingston, JA).


Download: David Rodigan – Hot 102 FM, 2005 (right-click)


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