John Olive

Yesterday I played a few tunes at an Unplanned Afternoons special to mark the passing of UP regular, John Olive, who sadly and unexpectedly died earlier this month.

Gilbert O’Sullivan’s Too Much Attention was one of John’s signature tunes, which he memorably deployed at one of our early meetings last summer. I was just finishing my set with a Gilbert tune (a re-edit, typically) when John breezed into the pub, took over on the decks and segued seamlessly into Too Much Attention. He then proceeded to play a blinding set, as always…

Download: Gilbert O’Sullivan – Too Much Attention (right click)

Wholly unconnected to the above, this will be the last 500MH post, for a while at least. Doing the blog for the last two years has been great fun and brought me into contact with some splendid people, not only online but also spilling over into the hurly-burly of the real world.

But…as can be seen from the recent infrequency of the posts, 500MH has possibly gone as far as it can in its present form. So, the sabbatical officially starts here – stay subscribed for future developments.


2 thoughts on “Farewell…

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  1. Damn! No more 500MH? Oh well – I enjoyed it while it lasted, thanks very much for the work you’ve done, I’ve always enjoyed your tunes.


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