Belchior – Paraíso

Belchior Paraiso

One working definition of Balearic might be those songs where you are never quite sure whether they’re works of genius or complete tat. This track certainly falls somewhere on that spectrum…it’s exact location being largely dependent on the weather.

So…given the recent Tropical heatwave we’ve been enjoying, this piece of 1980’s Brazilian cod-reggae currently scores quite high on the old Balear-o-meter (patent pending).

Enjoy while weather lasts…

Download Belchior – Paraíso (right click)


3 thoughts on “Belchior – Paraíso

Add yours

  1. hi!
    i’m sebastian – one half of paradiso – tobias and me are doing a club in vienna.
    by the way, marni, who has two mixes up on your blog is going to play at our next date on friday..

    to get to the point: any clue where i can get this paraiso tune on vinyl?
    as you can probably imagine, we’d LOVE to play it at paradiso ;)

    best regards,

    p.s.: if you’re in vienna some day, drop by, we’d be delighted!


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