Roy Thode – New Year’s Morning Set at The Saint

Roy Thode and Friends

Let’s kick-off 2012 with a bit of New Year’s magic from the early 1980’s, courtesy of the magnificent Roy Thode (pictured above left, with Ann-Margret and Bobby Viteritti).

There’s probably not much more to say about New York’s legendary palace of gay excess, The Saint, that wasn’t covered in our Jim Burgess post last January, other than perhaps to puzzle over it’s continuing fascination for *cough* straight, middle-aged Yorkshiremen. There’s actually some debate among disco-anaraks as to the exact vintage of this recording – the “official” date is NYE 1980/81, but some say it’s actually from the 81/82 celebrations, which would make it exactly 30 years ago to this very day, so 500MH is tempted to go with the latter scenario.

Musically we are in the Disco sub-genre known as morning music….or sometimes sleaze (though there are purists who can draw distinctions even between these two close bedfellows). All the general listener needs to know is that this is the music that was played at the very end of the night (i.e. in the morning), mid-tempo in pace but off-the-scale in terms of emotional drama. Largely a phenomena of the gay scene, this was a musical world where the likes of Sharon Ridley’s Changin’ (a classic of the genre) could rub shoulders with…er…Cliff Richard.

As usual, thanks go out to some of the old-timers on DJHistory for the help pulling this together, including the almost-complete track listing hidden in the lyrics tab of each file:

Download: Roy Thode – Morning Set at The Saint – Part 1 (right click)

Download: Roy Thode – Morning Set at The Saint – Part 2 (right click)

Download: Roy Thode – Morning Set at The Saint – Part 3 (right click)

Download: Roy Thode – Morning Set at The Saint – Part 4 (right click)

As a footnote, Roy was also a participant in one of the odder remix projects of the disco era – along with Larry Levan he reworked C is for Cookie by Sesame Street’s very own Cookie Monster. Perhaps 500MH can dig that out later in 2012…


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    1. “C is for Cookie” was performed (?) by The Cookie Monster himself (the original track appeared in the Sesame Street Fever lp ,a SNL/Muppets extravaganza from 78′), no relation whatsoever with the original Bonnie, June & co contribution to that other track, aired during the 76-77 season of the show -by the way, check the very psychedelic visuals used in “Pinball Number Count”; Ninja Tune included the video in his ZenTV collection, around the same time the 12″ was released…-.


    1. Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, at c. 95 minutes each they aren’t CD-friendly but this is the only form that I have them in. All I can suggest is that you use free software such as Audacity to chop each one in half, then burn them to 8 CD’s. Cheers…


  1. Wow. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What wonderfully precious music and including some of my favourites (as well as some I have bnever heard!). Amazing. How can I get my hands on these?! I don’t seem to be able to download (Right click list allows me to just save the link)? :) Sam x


  2. Thanks Sam – We’re all Apple at 500MH Towers – on a Mac it’s right-click then “Download Linked File”. On Windows it’s “Save Target As” (I think). Let me know if that doesn’t work…


  3. Use Firefox. Right Click. Select “Open in a new tab.” It should ask you if you want to save the file. Save to whatever folder you wish


      1. Yes. I was a Saint member (non-resident the first year), but I moved to NYC the week before XMAS 1981. I live at 4th and Broadway, primarily so I could be within walking distance of The Saint! From then on I rarely missed a party at The Saint.


      2. Great to have a Saint veteran dropping by the site. In 1981/82 I was probably in Raffles nightclub in Wakefield, West Yorkshire…a venue that hasn’t left quite the same legacy as The Saint, I think it’s fair to say…


      1. I did solve the problem. This download is for a Mac and I am on Windows so that was the problem. I was able to capture the downloads in another way. But, I thank you so much for asking. I know the names of some of the songs but I also don’t know a lot of others names. If you ever find out yourself then I’d love to know.
        Thanks again. I appreciate it.


    1. The interest in this has surpassed my expectations (it’s now easily the most viewed post on the blog) and as I’ve said above, it’s great to hear from people who were actually there…


  4. Well, I was 16 y/o when this was produced and I believe there is a tendency of every generation to think that their music is best, but I’ve been to almost every circuit party on the face of the earth including Sydney Mardi Gras prior to my retirement from the circuit lol and I still spend a week on Fire Island every other year. This is truly beautiful set of morning of morning music and I envision this guy (Thode) as the Godfather of morning music. I love that he busted out 9-5 by Dolly Parton and I need a lover by the Pointer Sisters. I had a tough work week and REALLY APPRECIATE the efforts of those that put this together and posted it. I don’t know where you would ever find a venue that plays this genre of morning music…it’s slightly different than any other morning music I’ve heard played by anyone including BUC, Susan Morabito and Lydia Primm, and my personal favorite and friend, Mark Vallese. THANK YOU! Mark Wheeler Chicago

    PS Now I just need to figure out how to download it on to my iPad…


    1. Thanks for your comments…must have been a great evening and we’re all lucky that someone recorded it at the time.

      Haven’t got an iPad to confirm this but you need to do the equivalent of “right-clicking”, then you should have the option to “Save Link As…”. Hopefully.


  5. Yes. This is morning music. Sleaze is more bumpy and grindy and you wanted to be dancing real close with your guy. Lots of touchy feely. Morning music is after that. Pretty, vocal, inspirational, telling how you been wronged….


  6. Thank You..Thank You.. Brings back so many memories!! I was there and I was so young and so in love. You can’t go back but you found a way to take us back!! Thank you..thank you..


  7. Not sure how many of you remember Roy – but he held the dance floor like butter in his hands. His song selection created so many dance classics that lived on long after his passing. A true pioneer in the world of dance music. Thanks so much.


  8. Can definitely confirm this is from December 31, 1981 and NOT December 31, 1980. The mix contains Hall & Oates “I Can’t Go For That” which wasn’t released until mid 1981.


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