Mixage, 1983

Mixage 1983 Baby Records

With less than a week to go until the Big Day, I must admit that the festive spirit hasn’t yet infected 500MH to the same extent that it did last December. So to get proceedings started here’s the result of some Internet “research” I recently conducted.

When I learned that contemporary Italo-influenced producer, Brioski, took his early inspiration from the Mixage vinyl mix-albums that were lying around his childhood home, I felt moved to investigate further.

After a few carefully-placed clicks, and some 500MH tidy-up work I found myself listening to a fascinating instalment of this series that ran from 1983 to ’87 on Italy’s Baby Records. Mixed by Massimo Noè and Pino Santapaga, these records contain all you’d expect from an 80’s Eurodance franchise – sublime highs followed by unfathomable lows and all executed with a melodramatic, nay operatic, fervour that would make Puccini blush.

Turning to the example at hand, it was released in 1983 with a Baby Records Catalogue number of BR 56051 (the actual records were all simply titled Mixage). Musically this one ranges from an interesting Euro-medley of Jeopardy and Billie Jean..through the mega-hit Vamos a la Playa…to the Black Lace-esque nonsense of La Bionda’s One for You, One for Me. Add in a seasoning of faux-classical pretension and some basic-but-effective mixing and you’ve got a recipe for Yuletide dancing fun.

So push back the sofa, put this on the virtual gramophone and party like it’s 1983.

Download: Mixage – Side A (right click)

Download: Mixage – Side B (right click)


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