Unplanned Afternoons: The Setlist…

Unplanned Afternoon 78

Most of the factors that stop me updating 500MH regularly are pretty tedious. One of the more pleasant ones however is my regular participation in the splendid Unplanned Afternoons “night”.

The guvnor, Ian/Prolix, is insistent on rigorous transcription of setlists and he was kind enough to let me know what I played last month. Note that due to reduced numbers of DJ’s, this was a near 3 hour set, allowing me to “stretch out” a bit more than usual (eagle-eyed nerds will spot a section comprising only of tracks from the Ultimate Breaks and Beats series).

Anyway…this is what went down at Unplanned Afternoons 78:

1: KOOL & THE GANG: summer madness

2: GUY CUEVAS: obsession {the nassua mix}

3: RAUL ORELLANA: entre dos aguas {the night time mix}

4: LABI SIFFRE: doctor doctor

5: BLACK SABBATH: planet caravan {t2mm edit}

6: POINTER SISTERS: hypnotised

7: ROGER CHAPMAN: burlesque

8: SPITERI: i’m a man

9: THE HOLLIES: dragging my heels

10: IAN WILLSON: four in the morning {goodking edit}

11: ST MAARTEN’S THE ROLLING TONES: it’s a feeling


13: RICHARD STOUTE: vehicle

14: NANA PAVLOVIC: brodvej


16: GIL SCOTT HERON: lady day and john coltrane

17: AFRICAN DREAMS: make a living

18: ACOS COOLKAS: free flight {instrumental}

19: THE BLOW MONKEYS: la passionara

20: RICHIE HAVENS: back to my roots

21: AS FRENETICAS: se voce pensa {lord muck edit}

22: WAS NOT WAS: tell me than i’m dreaming

23: STEALER’S WHEEL: stuck in the middle {todd terje edit}

24: ALIVE!: skindo le le

25: TWO MAN SOUND: que tal america

26: THE MONKEES: mary mary

27: WILSON PICKETT: get me back on time

28: RUFUS THOMAS: do the funky penguin

29: CHERYL LYNN: got to be real

30: 20TH CENTURY STEEL BAND: heaven and hell


32: BABE RUTH: the mexican

33: SANTA ESMERALDA: don’t let me be misunderstood

34: ASWAD: warrior charge

35: YELLOWMAN: strong me strong

36: TODDLA T: streets so warm

37: THE DYNAMICS: miss you

38: WANDO: nega de obluae

39: JORGE BEN: taj mahal

40: JON HENDRICKS: i’ll bet you thought i’d never find you

41: MARK MURPHY: aint nobody here but us chickens

42: WAS A BE: this is what you are

So if that gets your juices flowing, it all happens again tomorrow at the Lyttelton Arms, Camden. I’m on at 16:00, but scheduled to play for a more modest 80 mins this time…



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