Idi, Igraj! Vol 2

Idi Igraj Vol 2

When we found out a few days ago that DJ Funky Junkie has issued a second volume of his incredible Idi Igraj! project, an e-mail was immediately despatched to Belgrade asking if 500MH could host it. He said yes and here it is, another tasty selection of soul, funk, disco and left-field gems from the former Yugoslavia.

The whole thing (18 tracks) can be downloaded as a rar file, but to whet your appetite, we’ve also pulled out a couple of individual tunes to showcase. But first FJ’s own introduction to the proceedings:

“Encouraged by the way the first instalment of “Idi, igraj!” compilation was praised and acclaimed all over the world, one year later I decided to make another one. The previous volume was a huge success, I’ve received many e-mails, from Japan and Australia to Canada, Usa and Brasil, and many people told me that they’d never knew such a great music existed in former Yugoslavia. So, I took some records from my vaults again, ripped them from vinyl and finally, I present you – the second volume.

Of course, it’s bootleg again, I do not have the funds to pay royalties, and I do not get any financial benefit of it. But my goal is to bring some treasured gems back to the light again and to teach people, both here, in ex-Yu countries, and all over the world that we had, and we still have, a respectable music scene.

The majority of the songs on this compilation are ripped from the vinyls, as you can hear. I tried to preserve the original sound as much as possible. And most of the songs have different dynamics and sound quality. The reason for this is that I want you to hear the original sound of the record from the time it was released. Not a single song was neither remastered, nor processed with a noise reductor, exactly the same I did with the “Idi, igraj! vol.1”. It’s funny how some of the records from this compilation are so rare, obscure and elusive that there is no info available on the web neither on the artist nor on the record. Not to mention that some of them are very expensive these days. You will also have an opportunity to hear some unreleased and exclusive tracks.

So, without any further delay, I wish you a nice 80 minute journey through the vibes and soundscapes from ex Yugoslavia.”

Download: Predmestje – Kamasutura (right click)

Download: Nada Pavlovic – Brodvej (right click)

Download the lot as .rar file: Idi, Igraj! Vol 2 (right click)


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