Guest Mix: Slow-Sco by JAZ

Slow-Sco Mix JAZ

We greeted with some sadness the news that 500 Miles High’s favourite edits imprint – Beard Science – is currently in a state of disarray. That’s the problem with scientists, particularly bearded ones: unreliable when it comes to running record labels :-)

I mention this because Beard Science has long been a home to the work of South Carolina’s First Minister of Disco, JAZ. For those in-the-know, the JAZ name is associated with cracking edits (e.g his current contribution to the Messalina Edits series), top-notch mixes (too many to mention) and, of course, his live gigs (not yet experienced first-hand by 500MH, but here’s a recent one he did in-store at a Charleston, SC boutique).

Anyhow…JAZ was kind enough to give us an exclusive mix for the blog – a superb cocktail of slow-disco numbers, that he had previously been holding back for “private listening” (why does this conjure up images of a smoking jacket and possibly a fez?).

In the words of the man himself: “Most are classics, so it won’t scratch the deeper itch of some, but every song is A+ and they needed to all be united on a single mix”.

We agree…

Download JAZ – Slow-Sco (right-click)

Alternative download: JAZ supplied the mix as individual (but still mixed) tracks in a zip file.

p.s. Get well soon, Beard Science…


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