Evasion 85 – Van La Ka Vante

Evasion 85 Tube

After yesterday’s lengthy revisiting of the 1986 DMC Championships, a quick one today from the 500MH cassette-ripping centre.

Don’t know much about this track, other than it came out in 1985 on the French DEBS label. It’s unclear whether Evasion 85 is the name of the band or the title of an album by Hiver Abidos & Jose Vulbeau (Discogs says the former, but that’s not much to go on in these cases).  Anyway, I’ve had this cassette lying around for years and I’m not sure I’ve ever played it before it went through the digitising-process last week.

Musically, I think the album might be classed as zouk – I’m not too good with genres but this track stands out for it’s disco-inflected opening horns (ripe for a bit of editing?) and chugging synth-driven groove.  Not sure it really goes anywhere, but on a sunny Sunday in South London, it sounds just right…

Download Evasion 85 – Van La Ka Vante (right click)


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