Finding records in the street


There’s nothing like finding records in the street. It doesn’t happen very often (not to me at least) but the other Sunday I came across around 50 12′” singles that had been left outside someone’s house with a note saying “please take me”. OK, so there was no note, but the intention was clear enough. Musically it was a mixed bag to say the least – ranging from mainstream R&B/rap to nu-soul/broken beat and certainly not much within the remit of this blog.

That said, I was quite taken with this recent – but obscure (not on Discogs) – treatment of Dub Be Good to Me. Suffice to say it beats Prof Green’s current chart-topper:

Download Dub Be Nile (right click)

Oh, here’s an interesting interview with Johnny Dynell discussing the seminal track, Jam Hot (“Tank, Fly Boss, Walk, Jam, Nitty Gritty; I’m talkin’ ’bout the boys from the big bad city…”) – it’s over on Finn Johannsen’s Blog


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